v/a: "Evocation - A Collection Of Dark Electronic Music" : free download

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v/a: "Evocation - A Collection Of Dark Electronic Music" : free download

Message  AlBéRiCk le Ven 7 Nov - 1:21

Out now on Amduscias Records :

Featuring :

1. Ater "Thelema Abbey"
2. Din-Tei ƒon "Untitled"
3. Endometrium Cuntplow "Dark Resurrection"
4. FluiD "Hornblas Lament"
5. The Death Sound "On The Banks Of Lethe"
6. Moonlit Sun "The Mesmeric Maze Beneath The Sky Of Dust"
7. Permafrost "Frozen Temple Of Shoggoth"
8. Rose Red "The Nephilim"
9. Sunmoon "Dark Matter Entity"
10. Sick To The Back Teeth "An Invocation"
11. Svart1 "Nihil Est Insidiis Vacuum"
12. Thee Virginal Brides "Nous Sommes Légion"
13. Turmoil "Evocation Of Haures"
14. Moonlit Sun "Passage 3"
15. Asylum Sound Machine "ORIAX And The Key To Your Soul"
16. Psychogeographical "The Ones Who Walked Before"
17. Dj DeD MoROZ "Dream Under The Decreasing Moon"
18. Wolfsduister "Ondood"
19. EugeneKha "Aerophobia 006 (Dark Remix)"
20. The Death Sound & Finger Painted Death "A Sign Of Things To Come"
21. Worms Of The Earth "Untitled (Trapped In Bardo)"
22. Dj DeD MoROZ "Voice Of Amduscias"
23. Merankorii "Adramelech's Death"
24. Natautomata "Your Hilarious Demise Hides Beneath A Single Blade Of Grass"
25. Monopole "Bridging Invisiblites"
26. Switchblade Cheetah "Downward Glowing Hoof Speak Vol. 1 Vol. End (Kissing The Witch)"
27. Cybergoat "Trapped In Chaos"
28. The Aenigma "Demons Of The Mind"
29. Jon 7 "Darkmoon"
30. Uberlulu "Ave Maria"
31. Audio Geist "Paz Demoni II"
32. EugeneKha "Night World (Dark Remix)"
33. Xitrazin "Sine Co Sine"
34. Nyctalllz "Nyctalus Noctula"
35. Ethnomite Pux "Edit1"

Total time : 3:58:45

Infos : amdusciasrecords.4t.com

Available for free download here : www.archive.org/details/AMR175

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